App of the Week – My PlayHome

App Name: 2 – 6 years old

Ages: 2 – 6 years old

Cost: Free on Itunes for Ipad (Full Version $3.99)

Description: An interactive home that allows the user to manipulate the people and things inside the various rooms. For example, it allows the user to open the fridge, make mom sit on the chair, make baby eat an apple, etc.

This app is great for:

  • functional vocabulary building (items around the house)
  • verbs (make people sit, sleep, eat, drink, jump, etc.)
  • pronouns (he is sleeping, she is eating, they are jumping)
  • working on following directions (put Mom on the bed)

Why We Love it? 

This is a very functional app for building vocabulary with young children in a fun way. Kids love the app because they are able to manipulate different things in all the rooms, including the people. Advanced communicators can use the app to work on action words, pronouns, prepositions and much more. It is also a great tool for getting children to follow directions and can be also be used to teach various routines such as bath time, bed time, dinner time, etc. 

Have you tried this app before? What did you like? Comment Below!

App of the Week – Peekaboo Barn

App Name: Peek – A – Boo  Barn

Ages: 0 -3 years old

Description: An interactive barn that allows the user to tap the door to find out which animal is hiding inside! The app is available in 10 different languages and allows you to record your own voice.

Can be used to work on:

  • Increasing vocabulary and labeling skills (animal names)
  • Matching – animal sounds to animal names
  • Pragmatic Skills – can be used to work on eye contact and turn taking
  • Prepositional concepts – in, on, under, behind, next to.
  • Wh – Questions

Cost: Lite version is free/$2.29 on Iphone/Ipad

Why We Love it? 

It’s so darn cute! Peek-A-Boo Barn is great for young kids because it’s so interactive and young children enjoy the repetitive nature of the app. The music and animal sounds are great for keeping the child’s attention and it also works to teach basic vocabulary. It’s an inexpensive resource that SLPs can use with their clients and is also suitable for parents to try with their children at home.

Have you tried this app before? What did you like? Comment Below!