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Speech Therapy Whitby

Speech Therapy Whitby
Speech Therapy Whitby


Our therapists provide in-home speech therapy services in Whitby to clients with a variety of speech and language concerns. Speech Specialists work one on one with the client to ensure that therapy is effective and focuses on the needs of the client and their families.

When should you seek out speech therapy services?

A speech and/or language problem exists when a communication “breakdown” occurs between the listener and the speaker. Speech therapy helps fix these communication breakdowns for people of all ages.

Children may require speech therapy if they:

  • Have difficulty with certain sounds
  • Have difficulty understanding language
  • Do not follow directions
  • Cannot respond appropriately in social situations
  • Have trouble with eye contact, turn-taking, or pretend play

A number of indicators can be used to determine whether a child needs speech therapy, such as delayed or unclear speech development, trouble understanding or following instructions, limited expressive language abilities, stuttering or fluency issues, social communication challenges, oral motor challenges, and hearing impairment.

In order to decide if speech therapy is required depending on the child’s individual requirements, it is crucial to seek the advice of a speech-language pathologist in Whitby.

In terms of speech therapy for children, we at The Speech Specialists are strong proponents of early intervention. Speech therapy is significantly more successful when given to children while they are young because their developing brains are very responsive to language development. Since they are treated right away, early management also guarantees that any such symptoms won’t get worse over time. In this approach, the daily effects of language or speaking problems on a child’s life can be reduced.

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Adults may seek out speech therapy if they:

  • Stutter or have dysfluent speech
  • Have unusual voice quality, pitch, or loudness
  • Have an accent or dialectal differences for second language learners
  • Suffer from language loss or slurring due to a stroke

Where can I get speech therapy in Whitby?

Depending on what works best for you, speech therapy services in Whitby can be offered in your home, place of work, school, or daycare. In-home speech therapy services are also available in PickeringAjax, and Oshawa. We also provide speech therapy in Mississauga, Toronto, Markham, and Scarborough. For a list of our other locations, please click here.

Appointments for speech therapy at Whitby are available on weekdays, after school or work, and on the weekends.

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