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Online Speech Therapy

After school and face-face speech therapy sessions were on hold amidst the rapid rise of COVID-19. Many families were concerned about the continuation of speech therapy services. 

During this time Speech Specialists offered online speech therapy services to ensure that the progress that people were making was not hindered. Hence, our services that were provided by registered and experienced Speech Language Pathologists in the comfort of your home and/or office were offered even during such unprecedented times. 

It is with great pleasure that we want to continue our online speech therapy services for the people of Canada simply because we know and understand the importance of making continuous progress in speech therapy. 

What is online speech therapy?

Online speech therapy, often known as telepractice or teletherapy, is a type of therapy that allows people to receive speech and language therapy remotely using technology. Clients can receive therapy sessions via video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or specialized teletherapy platforms rather than meeting with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in person.

Because of technological advancements and the ease it provides, online speech therapy has grown in popularity and acceptance. It enables those who would have trouble obtaining traditional in-person treatment, such as those living in distant places, those with mobility issues, or those with hectic schedules, to get counseling services from the comfort of their own homes.

Online speech therapy sessions closely resemble in-person sessions, with the SLP conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, and delivering therapy activities tailored to the individual’s needs. The sessions may include activities like conversation practice, articulation exercises, language comprehension tasks, and interactive games. The SLP may also involve caregivers or family members in the sessions to enhance the generalization of skills into daily life.

What are the advantages of online speech therapy services?

Speech therapy over the web has several advantages including:

  1. Flexible and time-saving: do therapy from the comfort of your home with no added time for commuting to and from the clinic
  2. Improved accessibility for clients who are in remote areas
  3. Convenient when you have multiple children at home
  4. Increased engagement for school-aged children, teenagers, and adults who will have access to a multitude of online resources
  5. Provides a comfortable environment for people, especially kids, to learn best with the people around them 

What equipment is required to set up online speech therapy services for myself or a child?

All you require is a computer with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection. Our Speech Language Pathologist will book the appointment and send you a link for the web conference platform. The platform is set up very well for therapy and ensures confidentiality and reliability for our clients.

Will online speech therapy be covered by my insurance company?

Most insurance companies that we work with (including Sun Life and Great West Life a.k.a Canada Life) have sent out an email to let us know that they will cover web-based speech therapy services during this time and will treat it the same way as face-to-face visits. We are happy to work with individual clients to determine if their insurer will cover virtual visits.


What communication issues can we treat with online speech therapy?

    1. Articulation concerns – struggling to form certain speech sounds properly and/or making sounds that are essential for proper articulation of words
    2. Literacy goals (reading and writing skills) – improving command over the English language by improving reading and writing skills
    3. Language delay and disorders – any issues that arise that interfere with learning, understanding, and using language
    4. Post-stroke patients – patients that suffer from speech impediments post strokes
    5. Fluency concerns (stuttering) – when speech is interrupted or blocked or when you say something but the sounds is not there 
    6. Accent modification – in case one wants to make their speech more intelligible

Online speech therapy can definitely be suitable for children as young as 4 years old however they would require more support from a parent or caregiver. For older children, parents may need to be in the nearby area but may not need to provide direct support.

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