Speech & Language Screenings (6 Months – 11 Years)

speech and language screening



This speech and language screening has been developed by Speech Language Pathologists for children aged 6 months – 11 years. It is based on typical speech and language developmental milestones. This screening is ONLY a guide and does not replace a face to face assessment completed by a Speech Language Pathologist. If you have concerns about your child’s language development, please consult a pediatrician or contact a speech language pathologist for a full assessment.


6 Month Screening                                              12 Month Screening                                    18 Month Screening

2 Year Screening                                                     3 Year Screening                                            4 Year Screening

5 Year Screening                                                     6 Year Screening                                            7 Year Screening

9 Year Screening                                                    11 Year Screening