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Speech Therapy Richmond Hill

Speech Specialists provide in-home speech therapy services to children, adults and seniors. One on one speech therapy services are available in Richmond Hill with registered Speech Language Pathologists and certified Communicative Disorders Assistants.

Our speech therapists will come to your home, school, day care or workplace to provide one on one speech therapy services that are family centered, convenient, and effective.

The ability to communicate is important for all ages. Communication is needed to establish appropriate social interaction with others. If left untreated, a speech or language disorder can have a negative effect on school performance, social interaction with friends, success in the workplace, and in some cases, the ability to live and function independently.

At Speech Specialists, our goal is to provide therapy that is fun and stimulating for our clients, using evidence based approaches to treatment. We are dedicated to focusing on the needs of our clients and their families. At the end of the day, we want to teach parents and loved ones the skills they need to help their child or family member become a functional communicator.

Many parents ask us:

How can I take an active role in improving my child’s communication?

  • Read to your child: take the time to read a little bit to your child every day. Ask the therapist what goals they are working on so you can focus on those aspects of language during reading time
  • Small Talk: make an effort to converse with your child. Ask about their day at school, an extracurricular activity, or a project they are excited about. The goal is to get them to express themselves as much as they can
  • Stay Informed: Ask your speech therapist about your child’s progress on a regular basis. Ask for tips and strategies to improve communication skills using everyday activities.

Therapy services in Richmond Hill are available at the home, school, daycare, or workplace based on what works best for you. In-home speech therapy services are also available in MarkhamNewmarketVaughan, and Aurora. For a list of our other locations, please click here.

Appointments for speech therapy Richmond Hill are available on weekdays, after school or work, and on the weekends.

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