Our Approach - Speech Specialists

The Speech Specialists strongly believe in a multi-disciplinary and family  centered approach to therapy.

 What does that mean?

 Multi-Disciplinary Approach: Our therapists work with the other professionals taking part in your care (i.e. teachers, doctors, etc.)  to  ensure that you receive effective high quality therapy.

 Family Centred Approach: We strongly believe that therapy should   not only focus on the client, but also the entire family.

Our therapists will:

  • choose times that are convenient for you
  • decide on collaborative goals with the family
  • create a home program that is specifically geared to your needs
  • provide lots of information and resources for the family
  • be available to answer all questions and/or concerns

Our therapists are located all across the GTA and Southern Ontario. For more information, please fill out a contact form and a speech therapist will contact you on a priority basis.

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